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A COMMUNITY of loving and CREATIVE individuals caring for, LEARNING from and INSPIRING one another

This is your space. Come in and make it home away from home. Join in, get involved, find your people, find your place. This is your PLACE at the CHASE. Welcome!

Happy Man

Mental Health Month Workshops

Workshop with Crossway LifeCare's Counselling & Psychology Team
Thursday Evenings (12, 19, 26 Oct & 2 Nov)

October is Mental Health Month in Australia, and Forest Hill Community Space has organised some great events to support members of our community.

Join experts from the Crossway LifeCare team for practical guidance on how to better show up for your own mental health and the mental health of those you love most.

12th Oct: Effective communication

19th Oct: Managing anxiety

26th Oct: "Navigating the difficult years" (Parenting adolescent children)

2 Nov: Helping children emotionally regulate

Workshops are $20 each, but please do not let cost stop you from attending, contact and we'll sort something out! 

Upcoming "special" events/workshops

Happy Man

Mental Health Month

Flower Arrangement

Floral Art Workshops

Dragon Lantern

Chinese Lanterns

out side ahot 202320230718_20451525.jpg

Spoken word with
Gregory Grant

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Language Exchange

Regular activities at the space

Each week we have a range of regular activities that happen at the Community Space - you can always pop in and join (or watch) whatever is going on - or just enjoy a chat with the volunteers/other participants. Perhaps you just want a quiet space - that's an option too (except when the musical activities are on which tend to be a bit louder!).


We  are looking forward to meeting you!

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