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Effective Communication


$20 ($10 conc.)


Thurs 9 November, 7 - 8.30PM

About the Course

Knowing how to communicate effectively is a key life skill.  It involves choosing the right time, and knowing what and how to talk about something.  It also requires being able to stay calm and rational during times of conflict, which can be quite challenging when emotions are running high.    

Good communication skills don't always come naturally, but they can be learned.  In this workshop we will look at guidelines for effective and healthy communication, and learn to use a model called the Awareness Wheel.  This tool helps a person understand an issue better, and provides guidance for talking to someone else.  If you've never studied a communication tool before, this is a great one to learn. 

About your presenter

Anne Elliot

Anne Elliot

Anne is originally from America, where she completed her counselling studies. In Australia, she worked in private practice for several years before joining the LifeCare team in 2011. In 2014 she became Team Leader and now divides her time between seeing a small number of clients and managing the counselling program at LifeCare.

Anne particularly enjoys keeping up with new developments in the counselling field. In recent years she completed Levels 1 and 2 of the Gottman Method Couples Therapy, and incorporates their model into her work with couples.

In 2019 Anne trained to be a Mental Health First Aid Instructor. She enjoys being part of Mental Health First Aid Australia, whose goals include improving knowledge around mental health, reducing stigmatising attitudes, and training everyday people to give first aid to those with mental health problems.

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