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Navigating the difficult years (parenting adolescents)


$20 ($10 conc.)


Thurs 26 October, 7 - 8.30 PM

About the Course

Raising children has never been an easy task, let alone in the 21st century with all its unique challenges. So many changes are taking place within our children is such a short period of time.  As parents or carers of adolescent children, we can often feel out of control. Like passengers on an emotional and unpredictable rollercoaster, with no obvious end in site, this phase of life can send us to some dark and despairing places. 

Having a deeper understanding of what is happening to our children and being armed with strategies to best support our children through this challenging stage, is the focus of this workshop. There are no easy answers or guarantees on offer, however, you may learn some tips to better protect the mental health of your son or daughter, whilst learning to maintain your calm and balance through the storm. 

About your presenter

Stuart Johnstone

Stuart Johnstone

Stuart is a Registered Psychologist with undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications from the University of Melbourne. Stuart began his professional life working in the education sector where he worked as a secondary school teacher. During this time Stuart held several leadership roles that addressed the welfare and wellbeing of staff, students, parents and members of the wider community.

Retraining as a psychologist after more than 20 years of experience in the professional world, Stuart brings a well-rounded and diverse set of experiences and skills to his clinical work. Stuart has experience in forensic, educational, family and general and counselling contexts. He employs evidence-based therapeutic approaches dependent on the needs of each client, the presenting issue, and any other environmental factors. Stuart is committed to working with his clients to overcome barriers or obstacles that may restrict or limit their ability to be all that they hope, aspire to or were created to be.  

Stuart’s approach to counselling is positive and engaging, providing practical steps to assist people to work towards their goals. He works with children, adolescents, adults, couples and families.

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