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Low Arousal Parenting Working with Raelene Dundon

Low Arousal Parenting Working with Raelene Dundon


Thursday 1 June, 7pm


Raelene Dundon

As parents, we often use traditional parenting approaches that involve discipline, punishment and children learning to ‘do what they are told’ because that was how we were parented ourselves. But recent research and better understanding of child development now tells us there are better ways to support our children to grow and learn.

Low arousal parenting approaches are based on relationship building, trust, respect, and unconditional positive regard, which helps children feel confident, secure, and safe. These approaches emphasize the importance of being aware of how our own emotions, attitudes and beliefs impact on our children’s behaviour, and how we can work with our children to resolve conflict, problem solve and set them up for success.

In this workshop parents will learn about what taking a Low Arousal approach involves and why it is effective. Parents will also learn how their own arousal, attitudes and behaviours can influence their child’s behaviour, and how challenging situations can be managed using low arousal techniques at home.

Raelene is an Educational Developmental Psychologist, and the Director of Okey Dokey Childhood Therapy, a large paediatric allied health practice in Melbourne. She is also a lecturer in Child Play Therapy at Deakin University.

Raelene regularly presents webinars for parents and professionals, and has presented at international conferences in New York, Macau, Singapore, Prague, Edinburgh, and across Australia.

Raelene is the author of 4 books published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers in London, with her fifth book “A Therapist’s Guide to Neurodiversity Affirming Practice with Children and Young People” due for release in November 2023.

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