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Mental Health Month Events

October is Mental Health Month in Australia, and Forest Hill Community Space has organised some great events to support the members of our community.

Join experts from the Crossway LifeCare team for practical guidance on how to better show up for your own mental health and the mental health of those you love most.

Please do not let cost stop you from attending, contact and we'll sort something out! 

Crossway LifeCare is a community services organisation passionate about seeing people in tough places flourish. Since 2011, we have been supporting people experiencing hardship such as relationship issues, depression and anxiety, family violence, addictions and other challenging life situations. Our services include counselling and play therapy, family violence recovery programs, volunteer-led community mentoring, which includes financial mentoring and a Community Pantry supporting those experiencing food insecurity. We also provide a range of  social opportunities for people to find connection and friendship. We look forward to hearing from you if you have any enquiries about our services.

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